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by Nicholas Yeam on April 22, 2012

Take one look at Steph Micayle and you’ll see a youthful and bubbly student. Don’t let the unassuming profile fool you though. The multi-talented host, radio personality and designer is more than capable of holding her ground in the different fields she has immersed herself in. What most people don’t know though, is that she’s a fantastic singer/songwriter as well.

The 19-year-old student gained exposure in 2011 for coming in as a finalist for 98.7 FM’s So You Wanna Be A DJ. Talking about her journey in the competition, she admits that she didn’t think she’d even get through the first round of auditions, let alone get to the finals. She added, “It was the best competition experience I had and it really helped me to improve as a speaker. I feel I still have a lot of areas to improve on but the competition provided me with the opportunity to break into the industry.”

The singer/songwriter’s knack for performing was evident early on. In fact, she began singing at the age of 7, with her then 5-year-old sister. The pair would put up performances for their parents in their bedrooms with the beds pushed together as a makeshift stage. They would even make tickets to give to their parents. A few years down the road and Steph has discovered, through music classes in secondary 2, that she had a passion for guitar. Her love for the instrument grew as she taught herself how to play, sometimes spending up to 15 hours a day on just practicing.

YouTubers would be familiar with her covers due to her large following. Steph currently has close to 5000 subscribers and almost 800,000 views on her channel. She has also played live shows is even about to have her own weekly gig at TAB. It’s safe to say that she’s slowly edging closer to her ambition of headlining her own concert.

With regards to the obstacles she faces as a musician, she concedes that there will always be critics and that you can’t please everyone. “It doesn’t feel good when people say you can’t sing or play guitar. I don’t ignore all these comments and try to improve on those areas. I don’t have vocal training so these comments are pretty much the only way for me to improve.”

When quizzed on her inspirations, Steph didn’t hesitate for a moment and began gushing over Christina Aguilera, whom she personally feels is the best female pop singer. At times, the powerhouse vocalist’s singing even reduces her to tears. In terms of musical influences though, bands like Mayday Parade and The Script also play a big role in her musical approach.

So, what’s next for Steph Micayle? The talented and homegrown musician has recently started writing her own music though she doesn’t want to rush her first EP, citing it as something she wants to be her own personal and intimate work. At the moment, she’s focusing on completing her final semester in school before moving on to 98.7 FM where she is currently a part-time radio deejay. Of course, YouTube and singing will be a constant part of her plans.

Steph is also currently taking part in a competition to be the opening act for the YouTube Stars concert on 5th May. She has revealed that the reason behind her entry is because she wants to meet the successful YouTube musicians performing and hopefully get some tips for them. Of course, the added exposure that will come with being the opening act can only be a positive thing as well.

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To stay updated on any future performances and releases, remember to check out her Facebook page! With such a driven attitude and such enthusiasm in pursuing her goals, it’s clear that the up and coming starlet is going to leave a lasting impression on the entertainment industry in time to come.

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