Happiness, It’s Closer Than You Think.

by Guo Wei Ho on March 2, 2012

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Two months; what started off as a student-led movement has blossomed into an influence that has seen the recognition from the public for what it stands for; the simple concept of Happiness.

The Happiness Revolution, if you have not already heard, is an initiative started out by four students from Nanyang Technological University that promotes the concept of positive social change. Putting the focus back on happiness, the movement extends a hand to remind that happiness begins with the individual. There is no big sketch about a motivational speech nor a song that promises to uplift your soul but  just a simple personal step to look at your life and cherish the small things. Simply put, if you’re looking at the wrong thing, you’ll be working on the wrong thing.

Dedicated to building happier lives in our  society, The Happiness Revolution culminated the campaign yesterday with the launch of a compilation and a public roadshow/exhibit at the underground retail space Esplanade Xchange. Showcasing a selection of submissions collecting over the two months, the showcase saw a compilation of notes, drawings and photographed responses to activities which were specially-designed to encourage participants to reflect on their lives, aiding them in cultivating happiness and important qualities like mental resilience, optimism and creative growth.

‘We had initially forecasted a response of four hundred, but the overwhelming response has garnered us close to a thousand participants! It is tremendously heartening to see this positive response!’ said Peh Yinren, one of the four student founders of the movement.

“This book is our way of saying thank you to all the people who took part in our campaign,” said Agnessa Chan, second of the four student founders. “It’s our hope that it’ll not only help remind them to practice the positive-thinking activities even after the campaign is over, but also show people that others may have similar dreams, hopes and fears – that we’re all in this together.”

In addition, The Happiness Revolution has been picked up by the Health Promotion Board who has seen the affirmation of the movement by students and public alike. Having had roadshows at Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, UniSIM, the campaign was featured in HPB’s ‘Bounce Back Stronger’ event at ITE College West.

“We are very supportive of students who are keen to make a difference to their peers’ health through innovative youth-led campaigns such as the Happiness Revolution, which aims to promote positive mental health. It is important for youth to recognise that they are in control of their own happiness and learn positive coping skills to overcome any challenges they may face.

This is also in line with HPB’s vision of training and empowering health ambassadors to take charge of their own health and influence their peers to lead a healthy lifestyle,” said Ms Prema Govindan, Deputy Director of the Youth Mental Health Department, Health Promotion Board.

Still, coming back to basics, Happiness is not just an one-off opportunity that aims to brighten up a day but it should be a practice that attributes to the everyday lifestyle. HPB fully understands this focus and would be exploring other possibilities of carrying on the movement, such as roving the project ininstitutions like polytechnics and secondary schools in the future, as well as using the book and exhibitas educational tools for youth from different backgrounds – further spreading the movement for positive mental health started by The Happiness Revolution. So do keep a lookout, because The Happiness Revolution might just find its way to somewhere closer to your heart!

But in the meanwhile, The Happiness Revolution will continue to push its positive message at the exhibition, which will run till 3 March at the Esplanade Xchange. So do visit the exhibition and, and you might find yourself a little ray of happiness that will brighten up your day. In addition, you can pick yourself a copy of the compilation book for free as long as you register your interest at the Happiness Revolution website here!

So what are you waiting for? The happy days are here again, and it is just a positive thought away.

Image Credits: The Happiness Revolution

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