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by HuiLin Chua on February 28, 2012

Daniel Palillo S/S 12  “Never Mind”

Daniel Palillo’s S/S 2012 collection can be simply summed up in one word: WOW. Inspired by his time spent in America, the collection draws from the anarchy of the designer’s teenage music heroes, while painting a portrait of his everyday lived experience of Saturday evening soccer matches and Sunday morning cartoons. The end result? Mind-blowing structural designs.

Known to have a penchant for the monstrous and the symbolic, Palillo retains his signature aesthetic in his S/S 12 collection. Combining enormous propotions with three‐dimensional structures and morbid graphics, the new designs take the trademark patchworks and cutouts to another level. Without a doubt crazier than his A/W 2011 collection, the black humour remains despite the introduction of colours.

What can we say? It sure takes a bold character to pull the pieces from this collection off.

Daniel Palillo S/S 2012‐ “Never Mind” is slated to hit ActuallyActually store in March.
Price Listings in SGD ‐ Tees: $169‐$240 / Shirts: $320 / Skirts & Dresses: $229‐$245


INJURY S/S 12  “Pollination”

One of our personal favourites, INJURY’s S/S 12 women’s collection demonstrates a strong sense of individualism, making each piece statement pieces in their own right. With sleeves spread out like wings, the “Life Before/After Birth Cape” is a genius expression of freedom. “Nerve” reforms the traditional tuxedo into a light jacket with a sexy cut‐out on the shoulder back. Other recommended pieces include mesh‐layers cardigan “Chrome”, the sleeveless shirt embraced with see-through short cape “Metamorphosis” and “Astrania shirt”.

The more feminine choices are one‐piece shirtdress “Ambiguity” and “Herbs”/”Embroyo”, the one‐shoulder dress with subtle print hazed by a see‐through overlay. Definitely something for everybody there.

INJURY S/S 12‐“Pollination” is slated to hit ActuallyActually store in March.
Prices listings in SGD: $169‐$389


Popissue (Black Heaven) S/S 12 – “Dream Maker”

With their second collection at ActuallyActually, Popissue’s S/S 12 features a unique cutting edge, with each issue bringing a new mood and look to its wearers. The only constant throughout each issue is that of the originality of their prints and the quality of the clothes. By adding a new dimension to his label, Konrad has gone on to develop avant-garde clothing and accessories for rock bands, creating the perfect fusion of his love for design, fashion and music ‐ “fashion on the stage is the precursor of the fashion in the streets”.

Popissue’s S/S’ 12‐ “Dream Maker” is slated to hit the ActuallyActually store in March.
Price listings in SGD ‐ Tees: $95‐$170 


Dressmonster S/S 12

Known for their basic yet trendly style, Dressmonster’s S/S 12 screams avant‐garde. The use of lovely fabrics and delicate finishings is sure to whet the appetite of the fashion hungry. Representing a mixture of pastel colours along with a harmony of black and white, this collection focuses on the nature of the earth and the anxiety of human beings, representing the chaos that is all around us.

Dressmonster is available at ActuallyActually store.
Prices listings in SGD‐ Tops: $125‐$189 / Bottoms: $69‐$175


Unbounded Awe by Laykuni S/S 12  “ELEPHANTAWE MAN”

Korean based designer, Ku Wonjun, believes that there are no boundaries in creating something new when it comes to fashion, allowing us to emerge into Wonjun’s fanatically fun space. Having mastered her art in London, she has introduced her collection as part of Generation Next at Seoul Fashion Week.

Her latest collection pays tribute to the elephant man focusing on his elegant inside rather than his massive irregular, ugly looking exterior. From this point of view, an elephant man would be reborn as an elegant looking AWE man with wit and retranslation of creative developing.

“ELEPHANTAWE MAN” is slated to hit the ActuallyActually store in March.
Price listings in SGD‐ Tops: $89‐$239 / Shorts: $230‐$245

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